A Biased View of Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring will swell in humid conditions and shrinks in dry . Hard to install because you need to glue or nail every plank. New solid wood flooring is expensiveWhen shopping for hardwood flooring you will find there are two types of actual wood flooring currently on the market. These are solid hardwood flooring and engineered flooring. solid hardwood flooring is available in both unfinished and prefinished varieties.. For expert advice on all your flooring needs click here NOW!I want to do a straight lay and so we are at a bit of an impasse right now. I have searched the Internet and can’t find any pictures of floors that have been laid that way. I also spoke with a couple of flooring people and they were not real encouraging on laying a floor on the bias. Any opinions/experience would be appreciated. Dorothy. Reply.The living room features a wall of windows on the side of the room surrounded by wood trim, natural wood crown moldings and restored hardwood flooring. The casement windows feature built-in roll-down.Engineered hardwoods look exactly the same as solid wood. But there are important differences. engineered flooring is composed of multiple cross-stacked layers. This makes it impervious to humidity and moisture, unlike a strip of solid wood.Advantages of unfinished hardwood flooring.. is that you will see the underside or lighter color of the wood along the edges when you view the wood from far away. This is because the manufacturers don’t always get stain on all the edges and/or through the shipping and installation process.Carpet, Vinyl, Ceramic Tiles, Laminate or Wood Flooring? This entry was posted on January 9, 2015 by Jonathan Sapir One of the questions we often get asked at Wood and Beyond is whether or not wood flooring is a better option than the alternatives.Many of my customer ask whether solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring is better, and which is less expensive. Of course the answer is "it depends." It depends on many factors including your subfloor, condition of your sub-floor and what factors are important to you (e.g. ability to.