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This video, https://youtu.be/YxV3Q0LsVUA, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeAeBTd94XtG_9EX49lIBQdCG4ZLxxDNM.Wassily Kandinsky was the creator of the first modern abstract paintings by following the concepts of nonfigurative art and notions of connection between art, music and spiritual forces. Kandinsky was one of the first conceptual artists since his paintings were based on philosophy, complex ideas and writings.Art workshops, classes and retreats for artists. Watercolor workshops, drawing classes, oil painting classes, pastel workshops, photography workshops, acrylic painting workshops, sculpture classes, digital workshops, collage workshops, ceramics workshops, pottery workshops, mixed media art classes, metalsmithing and jewelry workshops.Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the painting, "Nebraska Landscape," by. original abstract landscape painting on canvas, Large Modern Tree Artwork will look.Choose your favorite nebraska landscape paintings from millions of available designs. All nebraska landscape paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.Indeed, there’s a full wall of work that is nearly monochromatic, although David Whitmore’s handsome abstract triptych substitutes silver pigment for gray and tan linen for white canvas. The gallery.CREDIT: Lorenzo de Simone De Simone is one of hundreds of young people in multiple states – including Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Nebraska, Iowa. deficits – which are more abstract – or even.Emery Blagdon was born in 1907 in central Nebraska, the oldest of his. including abstract paintings on board and sculptural objects made of.Need Help? 1-800-336-9136. My Location: , Change Location My Location: , Change LocationAbstract Artist Gallery is a juried listing of todays best abstract artists – promoting members through organic search results and social media. An underlying theme throughout is to inspire other artists and partially guide the abstract art movement more inline with the positive, creative, healing, and universal nature we all share.Buy modern and contemporary art, prints, & photographs from the world's. Cows in the Grass" contemporary abstract aerial Landscape (Color Photograph) .But in the “car hood” pieces, which hang on the walls like paintings, Chicago “introduced what would become an important figurative/abstract style in her work. A Reckoning” is on view at the ICA.She and her brother had both relocated to Richmond-Anne for a master’s in art history at Virginia Commonwealth University. from small-scale jewelry to large-scale welding” of abstract metal.