Beehive Fireworks Taiwan-War Zone of Pyrotechnics

FIREWORKS LINKS PAGE (MAIN PAGE) Here is a list of fireworks links to check out if you like. Click on the sites listed below and you will automatically go there. Hit your browser BACK button to return to this page after viewing each link. I take no responsibility for the material presented in these sites.The Beehive Fireworks Festival held in Yanshui, Taiwan could be described as a war zone with no enemy. Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of firecrackers and or bottle rockets lit simultaneously.A lot of the fireworks are of the standard variety, and better fireworks may be seen in other towns and cities during lantern festival (though the shear amount may not be equaled). The special thing about the Yanshui Festival – and what makes it so dangerous – is the beehive fireworks.There’s also a huge outdoor market in the town during the festival with lots of Taiwan street food to taste. Just search on Youtube for yanshui beehive fireworks (or ) to get a feel of the madness. I’ve gone to this festival twice, and if you like adventure, this is well worth the trip.The Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival, held on the 15th day after the beginning of the Lunar New Year in Tainan City, Taiwan, is an annual tradition that has been celebrated for more than 130 launches its new Windows 8 operating system and Surface tablet in a bid to revive interest in its flagship product.Fireworks From China, Liuyang. 3,672 likes 68 talking about this 1,737 were here. Here is capital of fireworks, you can get what you wantIn southern Taiwan, Yanshui in Tainan offers a unique experience on the 15th day of the first lunar month each year. This ancient town’s Beehive Fireworks Festival is an extraordinary audience-participation fireworks parade that commemorates the defeat of a cholera epidemic in the 19th century.The occupation During a demo on Tuesday evening, 18th of March, a group of students, professors (mostly from national taiwan university. incidents of people using pyrotechnics or brandishing knives.absolute fireworks 3 July Summer season = party season and our ranges of big and small fireworks, confetti cannons and sparklers are the perfect way to make any event a cracker Ask your local retailer for more details!

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