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This video,, can also be seen at T. Willie. I am Michael T. Willie, 36 years old, Dentist, Green Apple Dental. Interested in healthy lifestyle, vitamins, clinic and dental education.How to Get a Copy of Your Bankruptcy Discharge. Following are three different methods you can use to obtain one: 1. Call the attorney who handled your case. Many attorneys keep client files for several years before purging them. There is a good chance that your lawyer will still have a copy in his or her file.ITR 2: Get Complete guide on ITR 2 Form. Returns have to be filed using the income tax return of ITR Forms. Failure to file the returns can result in penalties from the IT department. – As an.Ask the court clerk if she can copy your bankruptcy discharge papers or point you to a self-service kiosk. Whether you use the clerk’s services or a courthouse kiosk, you must provide basic information such as your full name. The more you know about where and when you filed bankruptcy, the quicker you can get the discharge papers.Copies of Bankruptcy Documents. To obtain this information for cases filed and closed in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division (Chicago) please call 312-408-5000, Western Division (Rockford) 815- 987- 4350. Without this information the FRC will not be able to locate the case files you request.The IRS does a great job of keeping track of millions of pieces of paper. Before I get to the facts of the McGrew case, I want to detour to my practice for testing for lost returns when I tried.Complete Bankruptcy File – With Your Docket Report. Includes a copy of all official bankruptcy court records filed in your case, and your Discharge – along with your Docket Report listing everything the Court recognizes as your full file and that Mortgage Lenders require to approve your loan. Full bankruptcy records include your Voluntary Petition, all Schedules (A – J), any Ammended.If you require the document(s) to be certified, there is a certification fee of $11.00 per document. If you do not have a case number and are requesting a records search, a fee of $31.00 will apply. Copy requests can also be made in person in the Clerk’s Office at any of our divisional offices.